QuickSilver Tris-MES-SDS Buffer Powder, 50 pouches

  • $229.50

Accuris QuickSilver™ Powdered Buffer Packs … Fresh buffer, when you need it.

  • Premeasured pouches make 1 liter of 1X buffer solution
  • Just empty pouch into water and stir – no diluting of stock solutions
  • No pH adjustment necessary
  • Quality and consistency guaranteed
  • Nuclease and protease free
  • Long shelf life


QuickSilver™ Tris-MES-SDS

Small to medium molecular weight proteins can be resolved on SDS-PAGE gels using Tris-MES-SDS as a running buffer. Proteins resolve faster in gels using Tris-MES-SDS as a running buffer than those using Tris-MOPS-SDS. A 1X solution has a final concentration of 50mM Tris, 50mM MES, 0.1% SDS and 1mM EDTA.

EB1101 QuickSilver Tris-MES-SDS Buffer, 1X, 50 packs