jetBlue Protein Staining Solution, 500ml

  • $120.00


jetBLUE, Protein staining solution, is an enhanced Coomassie-based protein staining reagent offering unparalleled levels of sensitivity and rapid band visualization.  It enables the protein detection limit to be as sensitive as 10ng and the visualization to be achieved in less than 1 hour.  jetBLUE, with the absence of the commonly used acetic acid and methanol as key substances, enables an odorless and pleasant staining process.  It is formulated for fast and sensitive protein detection. Without the involvement of hazards such as methanol and acetic acid, jetBLUE is considered to be safe and environmentally friendly. jetBLUE is also compatible with mass spectrophotometry.


For applying enhanced protein staining techniques, jetBLUE could achieve protein staining as fast as 5~10 minutes.


  • Sensitivity at about 10 ng (by BSA).
  • Optimal protein band visualization within 10 minutes.
  • The absence of unpleasant methanol, acetic acid, and any other toxic agents.
  • Applicable to native PAGE, SDS-PAGE, isoelectric focusing, and 2D gels.


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