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Plasmid miniPREP Kit

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PureDireX Plasmid miniPREP Kit

The Plasmid miniPREP Kit provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective method for isolation of plasmid DNA from cultured Gram positive and Gram negative bacterial cells. The design is based on alkaline lysis of bacterial cells followed by binding of DNA onto the glass fiber matrix of the spin column in the presence of highly concentrated salts. Plasmid DNA purified with this kit is suitable for a variety of routine applications including restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing, library screening, in vitro translation, transfection of robust cells, ligation and transformation. The entire procedure can be completed within 15-20 minutes.

Fastest Procedure: Completed within 15-20 mins
Sample: up to 4 ml bacterial cells
Yield: up to 30μg of plasmid



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