Agarose Tablets, 108 pcs

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GeneDireX Agarose Tablets (DNase/RNase free) are designed to provide a cleaner, safer, no-mess environment and more convenience than powdered agarose. Each tablet contains a pre-determined amount of agarose (0.5g), eliminating the need to weigh out loose agarose powder. Simply add the appropriate number of tablets to your buffer, incubate at room temperature for five minutes, heat the solution and then prepare your gel as normal.

• DNase/RNase-free, Fast and convenient
• No weighing required
• High clarity and low background
• Greater gel-to-gel consistency
• Gels as low as 0.5% are feasible
• Safer and cleaner to use than conventional agarose powder


Gelling Temperature: 36.8°C
Melting Temperature: 87.9°C
Moisture Content: 5.07%
Sulfate Content: 0.097%
Gel Strenght (1% Gel): 1,365 g/cm2
RNase / DNase: non-detectable
Size: 0.5g x 108




Preparation for Use: Prior to heating, Agarose Tablets require a 3 minutes incubation at room temperature in buffer*. This incubation step softens and then dissolves the agarose tablet in the buffer. Once dissolved, proceed as normal, and heat the agarose solution preferably using a microwave. All other parameters are as same as using the agarose in the powder form.

(*The time needed to dissolve the tablet is dependent on the laboratory temperature. Please, do not microwave the tablet in the buffer immediately, as this will cause the formation of smaller insoluble pellets. The room-temperature incubation step, prior to heating, is important to achieve a homogeneous mix). Approximate volume of buffer and number of Tablets needed to achieve the stated gel strength:

  1 Tablet 2Tablet 3 Tablet
0.70% 71ml 143ml 214ml
0.80% 63ml 125ml 188ml
1.00% 50ml 100ml 150ml
1.20% 42ml 83ml 125ml
1.30% 38ml 77ml 115ml
1.50% 33ml 67ml 100ml


(Volumes are rounded up or down to the nearest whole ml)

Note: GeneDireX / Nucleic Acid / Gel Electrophoresis / Agarose Gel / Gel percentage / Low EEO / 0.5g


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