Mbead Virus Genomic Nucleic Acid Kit

  • $190.00


PureDireX Mbead Virus Genomic Nucleic Acid Kit (MBeads Based)

MBead Virus Genomic Nucleic Acid Kit was designed specifically for genomic DNA/RNA isolation from Virus samples. Its special buffer system will efficiently lyse cell and degrade protein, allowing for DNA/RNA to be easily bound by the surface of the magnetic beads. The other non-specific binding particles are removed with a wash buffer, and the genomic DNA/RNA is released from the beads by addition of a low ionic strength buffer and heat. Genomic DNA/RNA can be purified manually within 15 minutes (using most magnetic separators) or the kit can be easily adapted to satisfy most automated Nucleic Acid purification systems.


  • Sample: Up to 300 μl of the virus sample
  • Operation time: Within 10~15 minutes
  • Applications: Restriction Enzyme Digestion, Southern Blotting, PCR and qPCR assays
  • Storage: Room temperature


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